How Core Body Temperature Affects Your Weight

What is Core Body Temperature?

Core body temperature is the temperature of our “core” or internal organs. Have you ever considered how core body temperature affects how your body functions? When your core temperature is too low, your metabolic rate slows down and you may start to gain weight. When your core temperature is too high, your body may start to break down muscles for energy. Losing muscle instead of fat will also slow down your metabolism.

The relationship between your core body temperature and weight is complex and scientists are still studying how the two are linked. However, we do know some things about this relationship. For example, people who are obese tend to have a lower core body temperature than people of a healthy weight. We also know that people often have trouble losing weight because their core body temperature is lower than it should be.

If you are trying to lose weight, here are some suggestions on how to raise your core body temperature:

  1. Exercising regularly is a good way to raise your temperature.
  2. Using spices like cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric in your daily foods. These spices are known for their thermogenic properties. However, eating enough of these foods to quickly see results is difficult.
  3. You will see results much faster using a weight loss supplement like Apilean.

Apilean is a supplement that combines natural ingredients that target and support inner body temperature, as well as supporting other parts of the metabolism such as healthy blood sugar, immunity, digestion, and more.

The Benefits of a Warm Body

core body temperature

It’s important to keep your core body temperature in the correct range for your health and benefits. Think of your body like an engine: a warm body is more efficient than a cold one, as it enables your muscles to perform at peak levels and increases your metabolic rate. Additionally, a higher core body temperature can increase your brain power and mental clarity. Better mental clarity leads to improved performance both in and out of the gym! Furthermore, if you tend to be lethargic, keeping your core temperature higher may help reduce fatigue, giving you the energy to exercise more. That’s a win-win for fitness and a healthy lifestyle!

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